Books are the best way to learn the wisdom and knowledge of great people, and most of the time there is no need to go out, try everything yourself and fail!
With a book, we can easily learn what has worked for someone in the past and what can also work for you too!

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Best book for Success!

Think and Grow Rich

Think and grow rich Book Image- #1 book on success

Think and grow rich is the best motivational literature that I have ever come across. This book was made by Napolean Hill (Journalist), who interviewed more than 500 self-made billionaires and summarized those things that made that made them successful.
The very famous quote from the book -
"The starting point of all achievement is desire"

Eat that Frog

Eat that Frog - #2 book on Success and #1 book on Time management
Eat that frog can be easily said to be the best book when it comes to GOAL setting and overcoming procrastination.
In this book, Brian Tracy zero-ins on the most important thing for a successful life, which is- finding the most valuable goal and then practical ways to achieve that goal.
This book will ensure that you manage your time effectively and get most out of your hard work!

The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of positive thinking
This book will make you an instant positive thinker.
This book contains simple techniques to elevate low moods and energy levels with the help of POSITIVE THINKING which in turn helps improve one's overall mental and physical health.
When our team was reviewing this book, they found it extremely useful for people who suffer from an inferiority complex at workplace or school.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich dad Poor dad
This is my all time favourite book!
This book is a must read if you want to know the secrets of getting rich!
In this book, the author tells you all the secrets of getting rich that author learned from his Rich dad who died as the richest man in Hawaii.
If you want to buy only one book from this list then go with this book!

The 80-20 principle

80-20 Principle
80-20 principle is one of the most talked about principle. It says only 20% of your hard work brings around 80% of positive results!. It also says only 20% of people who read this post will actually buy books and start reading it!
I am not JOKING!
If you like to know which 20% of your task will actually bring 80% of your success, then this book is worth giving a shot.

How to talk to anyone

How to talk to anyone

This book can be assumed to be the go-to guidebook when it comes to communication skills.
This book contains 92 little tricks that are totally actionable. This book will walk you through all the critical steps of winning any conversation. After reading this book you'll be able to even negotiate even better!!

Law of attraction

The law of attraction
Law of attraction says - you attract what you Think about!
This book will change the way you think and deal all the situation. Your perspective will change and you'll control your negative thought. Because there is a chance that you might attract negative situation on life!

Think Like Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the greatest Italian Renaissance Polymath.  He was best known for his invention, sculpting, painting etc. In this book, the author presents a unique way to think and approach a challenging situation. When I was reading this book I found it quite attracting. It really gave me a unique way to deal with every situation.

Thinking Fast and Slow

Every time we think and deal with any situation, there are two systems that approach and solve the situation
  1. System 1 is fast, intuitive, and emotional
  2. System 2 is slower, more deliberative, and more logical.
This book tells which system should be used when and how to use it practically!
This is very helpful to become a master Decision maker!

The Law of Success

This book is again by Napolean Hill, In this book, He summarizes all the habits that make a man successful! Actually, this book came out as 15 Booklets and was made a limited edition. Only 118 copies of this book were published and it was only given to America's most successful individuals!
But one copy was used by Orne Publishing to reprint it in 2010.
This is my list of best book on Success!

Now it's your Turn! Tell me in the comment which book you are going to read next!

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