6 Miracle Morning Habits That will Change Your Life !!

This post is going to be a life-changing and soul-fulfilling one! because in this post we're going to learn Miracle Morning Habits that will surely transform the way you start your DAY, how you think about yourself, in addition to that, It will make you one step closer to achieving lasting success in Life!

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These 6 Miracle Morning habits are devised by HEL ELROD, which helped him (and possibly Million others) to transform his Lost life!

Let me stage everything for you!!

Hel Elrod met a life-threatening CAR ACCIDENT on 3rd December 1999, Upon arrival at Hospital, doctors declared him Death. After 6 minutes, His heart started beating again! He was in a coma for 6 days, on the 7th day, he woke up! but again doctors were with a negative message, they said that he will never be able to walk again, possibly because of 11 broken Bones.

But, his willingness and this miracle Morning habits proved the doctor wrong!! As of now, He is a BEST-SELLING author, Keynote Speaker, Ultramarathon Runner!!. So how he conquered all this? what habits did he cultivate?
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    Let's learn all these HABITS!!

    These habits are called S.A.V.E.R.S by its author!

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    1.S = Silence


    Whenever we wake up in the morning, our mind gets blasted with a lot of thoughts!! I am specifically talking about the time when we open our eyes!! The very first thought that comes to our mind, fills us with a fear, that endangers our growth! The aim of MIRACLE MORNING is to make the start of the day - stress-free!! in order to do that, Author suggests MEDITATION, because while meditating, clouds of every thought will disappear, thereby making the mind calm!

    If you can't meditate, try praying and if it doesn't work, do what I do - first, close your eyes, then try to hear the faintest noise of the surrounding like the sound of wind touching the trees, birds singing! and trust me, this will fill your mind with ultimate positive energy!

    2. A = Affirmation

    A = Affirmation

    Affirmations are actually sentences aimed to affect (positively) the conscious and sub-conscious mind! it is like telling yourself what you want and when you want it.
    Ex.- I want 100 crore INR Until an age of 35 yrs.
    This can be short-term goals, any long-term goal or anything, that you want to achieve!! The author suggests that you should affirm every day in the morning because, in the morning, our willpower is maximum! If you are still any doubt that, why you should do this, Let me tell you who are the people doing this is done by most of the successful athletes, actors, politicians, Entrepreneurs Etc.
    A positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything.

    Learn more about AFFIRMATION


    3. V = Visualisation

    Affirmation and visualisation, always go hand in hand! If you think visualisation as a video then Affirmations are its audio!
    Here, what I am asking you to do is - when you're reading your affirmations, try to visualise all those things you want. Try to visualise the end results when you're starting any task, this is will not only motivate you but it will be also helpful when things don't go as you planned.

    4. E = Exercise

    We all know that exercise is something that we all should do! but all of us procrastinate doing it. Exercise regularly and let the energetic blood to flow into your veins! because it is better to invest 1 hours (only) in yourself than to sit in front of IDIOT BOX  (T.V.). And here too, I am not asking you to Go hit the gym! Go out, do some cycling, or just walk in the park and make some friends!! this is that simple!!

    5. R = Reading

    Reading is something that you should start doing today! read blogs, books about the topics of your interest, Topics of self-help etc. Read-only Ten pages of any book per day and VOILA! you will be reading about 3650 pages a year!!
    When Warren Buffet ( earns 265 Crore INR per day) and Bill Gates ( Richest man alive ) were asked which supernatural power they want in their lives, they replied faster-reading capabilities! Because books are the best source of knowledge! Every book will tell you something, you should be knowing!

    6. S = SCRIBING

    Scribing is also very important part of the morning!! For those who don't know, scribing is writing or drawing something useful or your imagination. It is also called MORNING PAGES! What we will do is, we will divide the page into two parts
    1. In the first part, we will write down lessons learned and achievements, which means what we learned so far, and what we achieved! This will make you grateful for your achievements and at times it will tell you that if you have achieved something big last time, you can achieve something big again!
    2. in the second part, we will write down new commitments and things that need to be done!
    IMPORTANT:  This all habits are to be completed before 8 a.m. and for this, you will need to wake up before the sun! along with that If you start your day by snoozing the alarm clock, you are unconsciously giving the signal that you afraid of the day ahead.
    At the end, the author tells us a 30-day MIRACLE MORNING CHALLENGE in which you will implement all this!!
    First, go and find a Sincere partner with whom you will complete this challenge!
    Then make a promise to your partner that you will complete this challenge together and see what happens! Do all the things told above, and you will notice three stages!
    1. In the first 10 days, you will everything hard, and every day, you will be struggling to keep doing these things.
    2. Next 10 days will be normal!
    3. and the last 10 days will make you feel awesome and you will be willing to continue all this!!
    So What are you waiting for? go find a partner and start implementing all this!!
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