Positive Thinking: The Ultimate Guide

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A practical guide to positive thinking.

Positive thinking is simply awesome!

But it can be hard at times. Even more when you are surrounded by clouds of confusion and negativity.

A huge part of getting through a tough situation with lots of solution is having at least a positive outlook!

And most of the studies about successful people clearly shows that there is a huge relationship between thinking positive and learning long-term skills, which in turn helps in accomplishing future goals.

You can get hundreds of benefits if you choose a different outlook for daily situations.

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Thinking positive has hundreds of benefits, some them are illustrated with this infographic

So, in this go to guide, I am going to give you all the positive thinking tips and trick that will help you to become a productive positive beast!

The best part? it’s easy and effective. And you will get blown away with the results!

Positive thinking is not just ignoring every bad situation around you and showing an upbeat attitude! 
Rather it is much valuable in our life and can help us build long-term skills which can be much more valuable than those small smile!
Studies have found that people who are positive, have a broader view of all the available options in any situation.
They are also found to have built more skills.
This helps them to stay happy. And happiness is very critical to open your mind and help you figure out how your skills can be of use in future.

How to think Positive?

  • Kill Doubts and confusion! [Kill those crazy Doubts!]
  • Meditate [very important to kill stress and negativity]
  • Self-Talk [You are your best friend]
  • Negative people [Get rid of those positivity suckers!]
  • Yoga or Exercise [Get a bit health conscious]
  • Scribe [Write about positive stuff]
  • Positive Books [This is the secret of constant positive thinking!]
  • Positive quotes [Surround yourself with positivity.]


Kill those Crazy Doubts:

Killing doubts helps in positive thinking
Doubts are something that can make you procrastinate, paralyze your productivity and fill you with negative feelings of fear of failure!
So why not clear those doubts?
A practical way…
Reach out to those people who actually made it to what you are trying to achieve, then you can ask them how they made it.
Most of these people would actually tell you their secrets.
This will help you not to get overwhelmed. You will also find right answers for your queries which will, in turn, give you a clear picture of what you are doing and what you should do. This will actually help you prevent negative thoughts.
Read books – When you are in a doubt of getting that tough thing was done, books on that topic can be extremely useful! Aligning with the first way, a lot of those successful people would have actually written those secrets and are waiting for you discover their wisdom!
I will talk about more on reading books later in this article.
Another one, Google it! You may find a good article on the topic!
By the way, if you have any doubt on this topic, you can comment below and I will try my best to answer you!

Meditate: very important to kill stress and negativity

Meditation is very powerful when it comes to positive thinking

In a recent research on meditation, by Frederickson and her colleagues found that people who meditate, are more productive and full of positive emotion than people who don’t! Plus, Meditation can make you happier, smarter, and more resilient to life's ups and downs.
Some researchers have shown that it decreases your biological age by 12years.
Corporate executives at big companies like Google, Nike, HBO, Procter & Gamble use meditation to maximize their brainpower.
I suggest doing Concentration meditation first and then mindfulness Meditation.
There are hundreds of videos on Youtube that can help you meditate.

Self-Talk: self-talk with Positivity

Self-talks are bound to happen.
Whether they drag you down or uplift you, this self-talks are extremely important!
This Self-talk have the power of sabotaging your stress level and thereby making you more productive too!
So, how to leverage the power of self-talk and boost positive thinking?
A cool and simple way to do that is – by taking an account of your thoughts.
Every time you take account of your negative thoughts, you will gain better insights on your thinking pattern and what makes you do negative self-talk.
Every time you think something negative (or do some negative self-talk), just pause and ask yourself – “why are you thinking like that?”
You can also use some of this motivational self-talk- 
“You can do this!”
“Keep going!”
“You’ve got this!!”

Rescript negative thoughts

As Polly Campbell of Spirituality and Health says - “Rescript negative thoughts to add a positive spin!”
You are the director of your life and you should make your life’s play better where it needs some changes.
Some negative thoughts like- ‘I won’t pass the test’; ‘I don’t know what to say’ can be easily changed to – ‘Relax, you wrote everything well!’ or ‘Remember to smile and ask good question’.
Understood how simple it is? 
I am personally doing an experiment on fighting with negative self-talk, once it gets completed, I will be back with better and more actionable ways to use.

Get rid of those positivity suckers!

Negative people are a threat to your self-esteem, your plans and Your state of mind.
They will constantly infect your positive feeling and plans with a negative perspective!
You need to first identify who they are and then take appropriate steps to get rid of them.
There are people who are always critical towards you.
They will always criticize you on your actions, goals or even for your physique. While constructive criticism is important they are not usually done by this people. Their criticisms are meant only to embarrass you and make you ashamed of yourself. They simply think you are too dumb to do something worthy.
Some people are expert in finding negative circumstances of anything (even in something positive).
Once you encounter this type of negative people, just try to avoid them under any circumstance.
Ignore them like they are invisible. Put your earbuds or iPod on and stay away from them. Cancel any invitation from negative people and try not to spend time with any negative personality.

Yoga is your best friend

4 benefits of Yoga

Doing Yoga and exercising can help you develop a sense of positivity.
Going yoga classes or gym or just walking a few miles can actually do wonders.
Yoga is known for making your brain healthy. A healthy brain is bound to think positive if it gets the right dose of motivation and positive information.
Give your body what it deserves, practice yoga!


A study published in JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN PERSONALITY examined 90 undergraduates who were split into two groups.
The first group wrote about an intensely positive experience each day for three consecutive days.
The second group wrote about control topics.
The result was insane, after three months, the group that wrote about positive feeling had better mood levels and fewer health issues than the second group.
So, writing looks promising, right?
In the book 6 Morning habit that will change your life, the 6Th habit is Scribing (You can call it writing!)
He explains that you should write about a positive experience, lessons learned, goals conquered, new goals etc. in the morning.
So now you should grab a notepad, a pen and start filling pages with all this crazy cool stuff.

Positive Self-Help Books

Positive self-help books are like a treasure of positivity.
Some of the wisest men of the world along with their researcher counterpart are already willing to share their positive knowledge with you.
They packed their knowledge into an easy to digest form, waiting for you to find it.
Amazon and other vendor came to aid and made a special arrangement so that you can get their work easily.
I again simplified the work for you, here is the list books that you should probably invest in!
 #1 The power of Positive thinking (5 million copies sold!)
Written by the father of positive thinking – Mr Norman Vincent Peale.
It is one of the best books you should invest in because it can be seriously useful to open your eyes to a positive world around.
James Allen Explains a simple yet powerful message that- your thought creates your life!
If we give shelter to negative thinking, our life will fill with negative circumstances.
But if we fill our life with positivity, the Entire world will soften towards us and will be ready to help us.
The Magic, by Rhonda Byrne, will take you to a life-changing 28-day journey. 
Each chapter contains a special exercise that will help you practice Gratitude. 
This book will not only help you to change the way you think but will also help you set your dreams and desires into motion.

Positive quotes: Surround yourself with positivity!

This is one of the most widely used tools.
This quotes instantly gives you a positive message. And some quotes are so powerful, that they will actually strike a chord in your heart and will make you remember it for ages.
I am working to compile a list of 101+ positive quotes (with images) for you, till then you can like our FB page or follow our co-author on twitter. 
Plus, one more person who constantly tweet about positivity – 
Recently we published – 
They may sound useful to you too.


Thinking positive is very important to broaden your mind so that you see more scopes.
But, when stress and negativity are hijacking your mind, paralyzing your thought process and making you develop a negative thought process.
So, what to do?
Take actions, my friend, take a ton of them.
Read books, positivity quotes, meditate, do yoga, exercise, stay away from negative people. This are some handful of stuff you can do and I am sure you’ll find more valuable tricks on your way out.
And now it’s your turn, become positive and spread this bright light in everyone’s life.

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Learn how to think positive in every situation!

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